College Crimes

The college years are often fun and generate fond memories, but any college experience can easily give rise to legal problems in short order. From underage drinking, possession of marijuana, bar fights and party brawls, to allegations of date rape, a college student’s criminal record, as well as their school standing, is at risk. Even if the State declines to file criminal charges, most colleges and universities mete out suspensions and expulsions for seemingly minor criminal infractions. We not only aggressively represent our college-age clients in criminal court as we would any other client, but we also appear before administrative proceedings that may occur before the Dean of Students or other disciplinary authority. If your college-age child is charged with a criminal offense, we can help. Please call us to schedule a free consultation.

Prior Case History:

Our 19 year-old client was intoxicated and decided to crawl through his girlfriend’s dormitory window after locking his keys in her room. His girlfriend’s roommate did not approve and filed a police complaint. Our client was charged with felony criminal trespass, and the Dean of Students was threatening to expel him. We negotiated the felony charge down to a misdemeanor, and persuaded the Dean of Students to withdraw the academic penalties. Our client is still enrolled at the school and is scheduled to graduate soon.