Crimes against persons take numerous forms, from simple and aggravated assault, to child and elder abuse, to homicide and murder. We handle all types of assault and homicide offenses, except capital murder, and utilize our proven three-step approach to trying criminal cases. Our experienced investigators interview the critical witnesses and testifying officers. We contract with independent experts who examine the State’s case. We file necessary motions to protect the accused’s constitutional and procedural rights.

If you are charged with a crime against another person, contact us for a free consultation.

Prior Case Histories:

Our client, a foster parent for DES, was facing charges for allegedly assaulting one of the youths placed in his care. We learned that DES had improperly assigned the youth to our client’s care; the mental health status of the youth, as well as his disciplinary record, mandated a more structured setting than foster care. When the State threatened to file aggravated assault charges against our client, we immediately contacted the prosecutor on our client’s behalf. We convinced the prosecutor to not bring charges against our client and, in exchange, our client agreed to a nominal amount of group counseling.

Our client was a group-home employee. He was charged with pushing a resident after being hit from behind. The resident fell and broke his leg. Our client was charged with aggravated assault because the victim broke a bone – the charge was a felony. We took the case to trial, and obtained a not-guilty verdict on all charges.

In 2009, we represented a woman who was admitted to the emergency room on a drug overdose. In her delirium, she hit a nurse in the face. Our client didn’t remember a thing. She was charged with aggravated assault on a health are worker – a felony. We prepared the case for trial, but the prosecution dismissed the case on the eve of trial.