Probation Issues

Mr. Denea represents those who are on lifetime probation for a sex offense who would like to modify or terminate their probation. Mr. Denea has successfully argued for the modification or termination of lifetime probation on behalf of many convicted sex offenders.

Probation is an alternative to initial incarceration that is administered by the Adult Probation Department of each superior court within each county in Arizona. If you receive probation as a part of your sentence, you will be able to remain in the community, often without seeing the inside of a jail cell, as long as you follow rules set by the court and enforced by your probation officer. These rules may require you to seek counseling or treatment, participate in community education or perform community service. You will also be required to attend regular meetings with your probation officer. If you break any of these rules you can be sent to prison. The goal of probation includes:

  • Allowing the person to remain in the community to maintain family ties and employment.
  • Helping the person to become a productive member of society.
  • Protecting the interests of the public through supervision and treatment.
  • Providing the person with access to community-based treatment programs.

If you are on probation, it is important to comply with all the conditions of your probation, including attending all treatment and counseling sessions and meeting regularly with your probation officer. The most common violation alleged by probation officers is not reporting as directed, and not attending counseling and treatment as directed.

If you have been “violated” by your probation officer, or even if you just “aren’t getting along,” contact our offices today for a free consultation. We will work with you and your probation officer to keep you out of jail and/or to stop petitions to revoke before they happen. We also assist with specialty probation conditions like those for sex offenders and/or white collar offenses.

If there are ongoing probation problems, you have the option of paying a flat fee and putting us on retainer for a full year to handle probation matters as they arise, including modifications, violations, petitions to revoke and disposition hearings.

Please contact us to schedule a no-obligation consultation.


To some attorneys, sentencing is an afterthought. At Michael P. Denea, P.L.C., we do more than just “show up in court.” Sentencing can be the most important hearing in the criminal justice process, and you deserve counsel who is prepared. Not only do we file our own memoranda on your behalf, but also we help your family and friends compose effective letters to the court and prepare their verbal statements for maximum effectiveness.

We frequently utilize reports written by experts and mitigation specialists at sentencing. Before handing out a penalty, the judge should know all the positive things about your personal background, not just the bad things you’ve allegedly done.

Every case has two sides; we work hard to tell your side. Even if you’ve already pled guilty, and want to try a different approach at sentencing, contact us.