Michael P. Denea is a highly respected and experienced attorney who aggressively represents those who have been accused of sexually-related offenses. Mr. Denea’s practice includes representation at the pre-charge stage, through trial, appellate and post conviction proceedings. Mr. Denea’s representation at the pre-charge stage has resulted in no charges being filed against select clients. Mr. Denea has successfully represented other clients at the plea and trial stage of the criminal process. Mr. Denea maintains a highly successful appellate practice, having successfully argued the unconstitutionality of a portion of Arizona’s sentencing scheme before the Arizona Supreme Court. Practice areas include sex assault, child molestation, sexual exploitation, computer crimes, and any dangerous crime against children. Mr. Denea’s initial consultation is free. Mr. Denea will gladly meet with prospective clients who are incarcerated in jail or in prison. If you have been accused of a sexual offense, call Mr. Denea today.

Mr. Denea also represents those who are on lifetime probation for a sex offense who would like to modify or terminate their probation. Mr. Denea has successfully argued for the modification or termination of lifetime probation on behalf of many convicted sex offenders.

General Information:

Prior Case Histories:

Our 18 year-old client met a young girl at a skate park; he believed her to be of legal age, but she was only 14. After being confronted by her father, the girl reluctantly told police she had a sexual relationship with our client, and sexual misconduct charges carrying mandatory prison time were filed against him. We immediately retained a mental health expert and obtained a complete evaluation. Using this, we were able to persuade the prosecutor that our client wasn’t a pedophile, and that the incident was an honest mistake. After extensive negotiations, the State dismissed the charges against our client.

Our client was visiting from out of state and was arrested and charged with several sexual offenses involving a fifteen year-old victim. He faced several years in prison. After investigation and negotiation, we obtained a plea that placed our client on supervised probation for ten years with no prison or jail time. The court also approved interstate compact for out-of-state probation. Our client left on the day of sentencing and went home to California. After his probation is over, the charges will be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Our client was arrested for possession of child pornography after a police officer, who was monitoring file-sharing downloads, assumed our client was intentionally downloading illegal images. Our client faced decades in prison because of Arizona’s mandatory prison statutes – the toughest in America for child pornography. We engaged a skilled computer forensics examiner who determined that the client had downloaded the images accidentally and unknowingly. Through our engagement of the appropriate experts, we were able to negotiate a favorable resolution for our client. The prosecution revised its original, mandatory prision plea offer to a stipulated sentence of probation and time served in jail.