Vehicular crimes are serious matters. In cases involving a fatal traffic accident caused by an intoxicated driver, prosecutors often file second degree murder charges against the driver. That means prison – up to twenty years of it. Even if there are no fatalities, Arizona law still allows felony aggravated assault charges to be filed, and that means the possibility of prison for the driver, as well. Our firm utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to defend our clients in these types of cases. We consult with accident reconstructionists, toxicologists, and DUI experts and thoroughly review the State’s case. We tirelessly work for the benefit of our clients.

Drug Offenses

Recently, the voters of Arizona enacted Proposition 200, which gives first- and second-time offenders charged with simple possession of non-dangerous drugs an opportunity for probation instead of prison. But there’s often more to drug offenses than simple possession. Drug offenses are still one of the most aggressively-prosecuted categories of crimes in Arizona. We handle all types of drug cases from small to large, from marijuana to methamphetamine, from milligrams to kilograms. We review each drug case for search-and-seizure violations and combine that with aggressive advocacy at trial and sentencing.

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Prior Case History:

In 2009, we took the case of a young man who was stopped at the border with hundreds of illegal prescription pills in his vehicle. He was charged with possession for sale, along with a variety of speculative gang and racketeering charges, which could have meant mandatory prison time. In the end, our client pled guilty to simple possession. Our client was placed on probation with no jail time, and the offense was later designated a misdemeanor.