There are a number of diversion programs that are available in Arizona, the most common of which is the deferred prosecution program for first-time drug offenders. That program entitles an individual charged with a felony marijuana possession case to have the charges dismissed if they agree to submit to random drug testing, attend drug counseling, do a psychological intake, and pay a number of fines and fees. If they successfully complete those steps and participate in what is known as TACT, then the prosecution will not re-charge or bring up the charges that were dismissed based on participation in the deferred prosecution program.

In Maricopa County there is a diversion program for low-level offenses, other than drug offenses, that’s steadily gaining ground, and it’s very important to retain the services of an attorney so that they can fight for these types of programs for you, especially considering that one of the largest costs of a criminal conviction is future income earned because of the effect that addiction will have. With a deferred prosecution program you have no conviction on your record; and as a consequence, you can increase your job opportunities in the long-term.

What Are The Qualities To Look For In A Competent Criminal Defense Attorney?

One of the important factors that people should ask an attorney about is their level of experience handling the type of crime that you are being charged with. The second thing to ask an attorney about is whether they have significant trial or courtroom experience handling criminal matters. I think a third important thing is the number of clients that the attorney, whom you’re consulting with, is currently handling because the best attorney in the world can’t handle 70 cases at once simply because of the work involved there. In terms of the fourth factor, having a good personal relationship between your attorney and yourself is of paramount importance.

It’s very important that there be a level of trust, compassion and empathy between an attorney and a client so the client feels reassured that the attorney has exhausted all potential avenues for them. If there isn’t that level of trust, then ultimately the client will feel dissatisfied because, more often than not, the consequences of a crime, especially a serious crime, are going to be life-changing or dire, so making sure that you fully trust your attorney and have the utmost confidence that they have the time to focus on your case is of paramount importance.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Criminal Cases In Arizona?

In terms of what sets Michael P. Denea PLC apart from other criminal law firms is the level of specialty that Mike and I have in this area. Specifically, the firm has won arguments on appeal up to the Arizona Supreme Court. The firm’s results at trial are excellent as well. When we have been forced to litigate a case until trial, we’ve successfully won dismissals and acquittals of major crimes, including crimes of a sexual motivation that can be very difficult to persuade a jury to acquit on. So the specialized attention that we give our clients and our cases, as well as the relationships that we foster with the prosecution and the court itself, speaks to the value of the firm to its potential clients.

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