The effect of a witness recanting their allegations depends on the case. If the accuser decides not to press charges, the state can still move forward with the charge if there is sufficient evidence from other sources. This often happens in domestic violence cases between couples. While a victim ‘s choice to recant does not necessarily mean a dismissal is going to happen, it can certainly hurt the victim’s credibility and assist the defendant’s case.

What Are The Potential Defense Strategies That Can Be Used In Sex Crime Cases?

Sexual misconduct with a minor and child molestation cases are the two most commonly made false allegations in the United States. Specious claims of sexual abuse often arise against backdrops such as a divorce or custody battle. Alternatively, the allegations might be made out of animus such as in the case of a disgruntled teenager making false allegations against a stepparent. Situations like these are not uncommon and it is important to retain an attorney who can aggressively seek out background facts pertinent to the defense of your case.

What Are The Criminal Penalties And Collateral Consequences Associated With A Sex Crime?

In Arizona, there are twenty-one crimes that mandate sex offender registration. In many cases, the state will also require that the offender be placed on lifetime probation with sex offender terms. Common terms of probation include participation in individual and group sex offender counseling, restrictions for internet use, and prohibitions on going to areas where minors will likely be present. In severe cases, you can also be separated from your own children, and barred from cohabitating in your family home.

Is There A Difference Between A State Sex Offender Registry And A Federal One?

There are two registration requirements when we talk about sex offenders. One is the state registry, and the other is the federal registry. In Arizona, you are required to register within ten days of a conviction and/or release from prison. You’ll have to provide electronic fingerprints, any names that you are known by, any online identifiers like an email address or a screen name, a current photograph, a blood sample, and mailing address.

What Are The Restrictions Faced By Registered Sex Offenders In Arizona?

One of the most important restrictions is that registered sex offenders are subject to community notification laws. Registered sex offenders are classified by risk level on a scale of one to three, with three being the most severe. In Arizona, a neighborhood will receive fliers if a Level 2 and 3 sex offender moves in nearby. Likewise, the offender’s information will be retained in an online registry which can be accessed online by members of the public.

Are Juveniles Required To Register On The Sex Offender Registry?

In certain cases, the state can require that a juvenile register as a sex offender. An additional consequence specific to juveniles of the consequences for juveniles is that they have to notify the schools they attend upon conviction. Therefore, there is a high risk of stigma for juveniles that receive a sex crime conviction early on. It is important if your son or daughter is accused of a crime like this, they should know that the consequences they face might last for a lifetime at the time they choose to confront the charges. Luckily in Arizona, depending on the age of the juvenile and when they committed the crime, release from sex offender registration can be granted when the offender reaches their mid-twenties.

Why Is It Critical To Retain An Experienced Sex Crimes Attorney In Arizona?

An attorney who is experienced in handling sex crimes will be familiar with the unique defenses involved. For example, when seeking to negotiate a plea in cases where the defendant’s guilt is more than likely, an experienced attorney will usually procure the services of a psychological expert who can author a risk evaluation of the defendant. This will demonstrate to the prosecutor that the defendant does not pose a risk to the community, and why the offense involved may just be a once in a lifetime mistake.

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