In 2000, I began my law firm. Since then we have grown substantially. The firm currently consists of myself and attorney Daniel Lecavalier. We employ paralegals and other professionals, including psychological and mental health professionals, who provide additional (forensic) services to our clients. We engage private investigators from time to time. We have a broad base of talent, located here at the law firm, and additional professionals who assist in effectively representing our clients.

What Areas Of Law Does Your Firm Handle?

We focus on defense of serious felonies, including first and second degree murder, DUIs, sex offenses and a broad spectrum of additional felony and misdemeanor offenses. In short, we provide high quality representation to individuals who are facing serious charges. We believe that all individuals facing criminal charges deserve to have the highest quality representation.

We are experienced in how prosecutors throughout the state deal with these types of offenses. We are well aware that we are representing individuals who may not be popular within society in general, but at the same time deserve to be treated with respect. Everybody deserves quality representation and equal access to the law, so that their cases are heard and dealt with in an effective, professional, and appropriate manner.

Why Did You Start Your Own Law Firm As Opposed To Joining An Already Established Law Firm?

When I decided to go out on my own, I had been practicing criminal law in a civil firm but there were tensions. I will never forget when one of the partners from that law firm came up to me and suggested that my criminal clients should have a separate waiting room, apart from the clients there for their civil cases. I found that highly offensive and distressing. It showed disrespect towards my clients and my practice, and, in my opinion was totally unprofessional.

That was the catalyst for starting my own firm. It can be daunting and intimidating at the beginning, but I’ve been blessed by individuals working with me who are extremely capable and totally committed to the practice and to our clients.

What Was Your Vision When You Set Up Your Private Practice?

We treat our clients with professionalism, care, and dignity – we want them to know that we understand and sympathize with the difficult situation they are in. Our clients face threats to their own liberty because of the allegations against them; they face long prison sentences, and in some cases, life terms. We understand this is a stressful time in their lives and that many are intimidated by just calling an attorney’s office. We strive to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible and we do not judge anyone.

We want to make the system as accessible to our clients as possible and make the system less daunting than it already is. Our staff and associated professionals understand this. As an example, we have ongoing relationships with psychiatrists and psychologists who specialize in the areas of substance abuse and addiction to alcohol or drugs. We also work with experts who assist our clients who are facing sexually related charges. We find it helpful to have pre-sentencing risk assessments done in these matters; it helps facilitate the plea negotiation process with the county attorney’s office.

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