One of the reasons I believe our firm is superior is because we engage in effective communication with our clients to keep them up to date relative to the status and progress of their case. This helps our clients make informed and appropriate decisions. Their choices may include whether or not to take a matter to trial in front of a jury, or to accept the best possible plea offer being made by the state.

We want our clients to understand their options. We assist them in making the most appropriate decision. Ethically speaking, effective client communication is the highest priority that we have and I think that when clients come to us they can expect to have effective, open, and continuous communication. They will know how their case is progressing and what our priorities are in terms of defending them.

What Is An Initial Consultation With Your Firm Like When Someone Comes To Talk About Their Case?

First of all, we want people to feel comfortable when they come to our office. People are often reluctant to even call an attorney so we try to make them feel at home here. We understand the nature of the charges against them and the liberty interests at stake. If a client feels comfortable during their initial consultation, they provide us better background information and that is a win-win for everyone. We like to get to know our clients in order to better serve them.

Are You Willing To Take A Criminal Case To Trial If Needed?

We are more than willing to take cases to trial. It’s something that I very much enjoy, and certainly Mr. Lecavalier does as well. We want to place our clients in the best possible position if they decide to go to trial so that we can effectively present their case in front of a jury. The criminal justice system is set up in a manner that encourages people to plead their cases out. A great deal of power has shifted from the judges to the prosecutor’s office, and from the judicial to the executive branch. The prosecutors sometimes present onerous pleas and taking a case to trial is sometimes necessary in hopes of obtaining a better result.

The prosecutors have intentionally colluded with state legislators and have set up a system where individuals feel threatened by the prospect of trial. If we believe that a specific case is worthy of going to trial, then we fight very aggressively before the trial and in front of the jury. We have a good sense of which cases are appropriate to take in front of a jury and which cases are not. Ultimately, it’s our client’s decision about going to trial and most clients, before they make that decision, are given the best possible alternatives.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart From Other Criminal Defense Attorneys?

We have a long track record. I have been an attorney for 25 years. My abilities are based upon my knowledge of the legal system, and dealing with my clients and the opposition. I get to know my clients and their cases and I know my opponents. Our firm prides itself in terms of effectively communicating with our clients and dealing with our clients’ cases in a knowledgeable and effective manner.

In addition to trial work, our firm handles appeals, petitions for post-conviction relief, and habeas corpus matters in federal court. We have a very solid appellate background. We are certified to practice in Arizona state and federal courts, and the federal courts up to and including the United States Supreme Court.

Our practice is inclusive, not only in terms of our trial practice but also in terms of our appellate and post-conviction relief practice.

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